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Gordon D. Bell

Gordon Bell has walked in your shoes. Early in Gordon's career, he spent 10 years being trained as part of Alcoa Inc.'s senior management development program. This resulted in his being in the 36th graduating class of their noted Pittsburg Management Conference.

After working in the trenches as a CEO for many years, Gordon decided to begin sharing his hard-won business acumen with others who want to succeed. He has established himself as a trusted mentor and coach, helping numerous companies increase shareholder value while minimizing risk.

Under Gordon's leadership, the Midland Group now offers a variety of services and educational tools:

Patricia A. Bell

Co-founder Patricia Bell coordinates and provides administrative support for The Midland Group. Her experience in office administration and client relations plays a key role in our success.

Marilyn J. Miller

Administrator Marilyn J. Miller brings more than 15 years of office managerial experience to The Midland Group. In addition to maintaining administrative systems and processes, she provides key support with valued partners and clients.

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