Gordon Bell’s book, Discover Your Next Best Step: 10 Proven Principles of Servant LeaderShip Wisdom, provides the tools you need to navigate life’s unexpected ups and downs. Using examples from his own triumphs and trials, Gordon outlines 10 principles that will help you expand your power of influence and discover your Next Best Step.

The book incorporates 30 personal illustrations from more than 40 years in life and business. It includes 100 questions to encourage individual reflection, a leader’s guide for small group discussion and journal pages for recording personal notes.

Discover Your Next Best Step is a popular tool among corporations and faith-based organizations seeking to develop better servant leaders. Click here to find out how you can use this book to expand leadership skills among your own management team.

Special pricing is available for large orders. Order now and follow Gordon’s blog.

Discover Your Next Best Step is published by Lake Effect Press, the publishing arm of Lake Effect Communications. Future titles include:

“My friend Gord has taken his years of experience, his failures and successes, and written a book that will speak to everyone, no matter their age or vocation. Why? Because it is based on Principles … not philosophy, not methods, and not Gordon’s ideas – although you will gain some great insights from his vast experience. This book is Principle-based, bathed in scripture, and true wisdom. If you apply what you read in Discover Your Next Best Step, you will witness a change in your own heart which in turn will help those you encounter each day as you journey through life. Well done, my friend.”

Larry Lance, executive director, Fort Wayne Youth for Christ

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