“When you hire Gordon Bell, you get a consultant, confidant and coach. He plays all these roles superbly. His experience, knowledge and talents are so vast that he can add value in most any family business situation.”
Mark Bevington, President
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“Gordon’s expertise in corporate development and M&A work helped my company achieve significant value through two major acquisitions in a 14-month span. Gordon offers sophisticated thinking by looking beyond conventional solutions and giving more than routine advice. He focuses on the dreams and goals of business owners. And he uses his knowledge, experience and resources to help CEOs realize their potential and take their businesses to the next level.”
Paul Betz, CEO
Betco Corporation
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“I have had the pleasure of working with Gordon Bell for a number of years and have come to rely on him for much counsel, both as a contracted consultant and occasional sounding board. He is an astute marketer with an excellent grasp on the numbers. He is a strategic thinker who challenges me and my management team on many levels. He is a highly principled person who puts his clients’ interests first. I always feel as though I have received full value and then some from our collaboration.“
Michael V. Parrott
Group Delphi
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“Fort Recovery Industries and its sister company Fortco Plastics have been associated with Gordon Bell and The Midland Group in various capacities over the better part of the past decade. Gordon consistently brings a high level of energy, business expertise, and integrity to all of his relationships whether they involve partnering, business development consulting, or the heart of what he is about—mergers, acquisitions, and private equity funding. Gordon has a passion for manufacturing. His goal is to leverage his considerable personal experience and abilities in guiding manufacturing executives as they move their enterprises through each stage of development.”

Wes Jetter, President & CEO
Fort Recovery Industries
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“From the time I first met Gordon, I have been impressed with his business experience, his wide base of professional contacts, and his ability to identify key issues and lay out a plan to address them. Because of his operations background, Gordon has an understanding of the needs of a business owner better than most advisors ever would. Gordon’s financial relationships in New York and Chicago are impressive and give his clients the best possible solutions to the financial issues they face.”

Monte Lightner, Partner
True North Strategic Advisors, LLC
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“I have known Gordon for approximately 10 years on a professional level. But, it wasn’t until the last two or three years that I had an opportunity and 
the pleasure to work with him. Gordon is very dedicated and devoted to delivering value to clients and most often makes several personal sacrifices to meet and exceed expectations. He has been not only a mentor and advisor to me personally, but also to some of our mutual clients. He has extensive experience in a lot of different areas and this—coupled with his ability to communicate and work with others—contributes to his success and The Midland Group’s success. If I could use some adjectives to describe Gordon, I would say that he is full of energy, sincere, loyal, hard-working and a ‘go-getter.’”

Christine Hootman, CPA, Partner
Baden, Gage & Schroeder, LLC
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“Partnership with The Midland Group has been very important to Cohesive Capital Partners. Gordon Bell’s ability to both help our firm identify companies that we would like to purchase and his operational advice in the post-transaction phase have proved invaluable to our firm and our portfolio companies.”

Anthony R. Bienstock
Cohesive Capital Partners
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“Gordon Bell was a key player on my acquisition team. After searching for an acquisition on my own for several years, a mutual friend recommended I talk to Gordon. From the beginning of our relationship, Gordon's high energy, contagious attitude and make-it-happen approach turned an effort without direction into a focused endeavor. Gordon’s ability to absorb, sort through and organize data, and form a strategy set him apart from any others I have met. Gordon brings a wealth of experience to the task that enables him to know when to push and when to hold back through a process that requires analytical skills as well as emotional sensitivities. When the acquisition process seems to hit the proverbial brick wall, as most inevitably will, Gordon has the ability to find the loose brick that breaks it free and allows it to continue. Gordon helped us successfully complete the acquisition of the company that I own and run today. We have already begun a search for another company and hope to put his expertise to work again.”

Len Feddema, President & CEO
Special Cutting Tools,
A Division of Feddema Industries, Inc.
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“I have both personal and professional respect for Gordon Bell. What strikes me most about him is his incredible knowledge of business and the tireless energy he devotes to his clients. It’s not uncommon for him to call me at the crack of dawn to discuss strategy. His heart is always with his clients, and he has the uncanny ability to bring people together to work more resourcefully. Both his personal experience in executive leadership and dedication to the ongoing improvement of today’s leaders have made The Midland Group the success it is today.”
Barry A. Goldberg, Director

TAPPA Group International, LLC
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“Gordon Bell was referred to me by a very capable deal attorney I have worked with several times. After our first connection, it was obvious that Gordon was a relationship guy. He valued them over anything else. When we began working together his company delved deeply into what we wanted exactly. He found a company that matched our criteria and we closed the deal. Amazingly enough, the company he contacted was not for sale. But because of Gordon's relationship building skills, the company owner confided in Gordon that indeed he would consider discussing the possibility. After a few phone calls on our part, it was obvious that Gordon had developed an incredible degree of trust with the owner. And frankly, due to that trust we were able to quickly come to an equitable deal for both parties.”

 John Maly, Manager
The People Fund
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“Gordon is one of the best informed bankers I've met in my 25 years of private equity investing. There is no one -- repeat, no one -- who knows the business as well as Gordon, particularly within his geographical area of activity. I believe he knows everyone in the Midwest -- speaks the language - is sincere, thoughtful and experienced.” John D. Howard, CEO
Irving Place Capital
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“The Midland Group has been a trusted advisor to the Miller family, carefully guiding us through decisions that will have a profound effect on our future.” Patricia Miller, Co-Founder, Director & National Spokesperson
Vera Bradley
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“As a small business, we have limited perspective and points of view on potential markets or new target customers. Gordon Bell has done a great job of bringing additional business perspective to different situations we've considered, and that perspective has challenged us to make better decisions.” Don Gillett, President
B & B Molded Products, Inc.
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“Gordon Bell and The Midland Group have provided guidance and tactics for spending more time on the strategic direction of our business and creating a stronger and highly focused team. His coaching has not only driven profitability but also significantly increased our shareholder value.” Bob Stahurski, President/CEO
NYCO Products Company
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“To me, Gordon Bell is a sounding board. He provides a valuable mix of mentoring, sage wisdom, and nuts and bolts advice. His breadth and depth in business are what I appreciate most. Because he's 'been there and done that,' he's given us perspective and helped clarify our strategic direction.” Tony Wolf, President
Wolf Corporation
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“Everyone is very excited about Ownership Thinking. The roll-out went well. Our focus is in the right direction now. We were spread out in 50 different directions. Now that we’ve rolled this out, I’m talking to employees of all levels who are all excited to have the same opportunities. I’m happy to have every employee excited about it.” Mike Bates
Lassus Handy Dandy
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